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The audio & video entry security phones, which can range from a single door audio unit to multiple doors video systems, are particularly useful for verifying and identifying anyone requesting admission. Systems with video entry offer the extra benefit of requiring visual confirmation before unlocking doors and granting access. With the numerous different colors and designs of the push button, double-call push-button, and digital entrance panels, our range offers a number of distinctive advantages. In addition to being available in color or monochrome, monitors can also have a picture memory.

Video intercoms for your home and business

A video and audio intercom system can help secure your property by enabling you to authenticate visitors’ identities and communicate with them without opening the front door and running the danger of being forced inside. To enable the intercom system to control and keep an eye on various access points, one or more door stations can be added. The front entrance, a granny flat, the back gate, or any other number of potential access points to your property may all be covered by door stations. A button on one or more installed handsets of the intercom system can be utilized to grant remote access to the entry point. A magnetic lock can be used for frameless glass doors, an electronic door strike can be fitted to allow a wooden door to be automatically unlocked, and gate/garage motors can be used to open sliding gates and garage doors automatically. You can answer one or more of the calling stations from any number of handy locations by installing several phones throughout your house and place of work for convenience. Camera modules can alternatively be positioned outside from the entry point door station, providing the optimal angle, zoom, and configuration for the video feed for the intercom system, or integrated within the door station for a sleek, tidy, and clean appearance.

AV intercoms for multiple unit apartments

The most crucial security precaution needed to protect an apartment building or a group of units is an intercom system. Using an appropriately rated door and lock system, an intercom system enables the main shared access point into the facility to be safeguarded. The main access area can then be equipped with an audio and video intercom door station, door strike, and gate release, enabling residents to view, speak with, and grant access to legitimate visitors while preventing undesirable members of the public from entering the secured area through the secured lock door. It is possible to install additional access point intercom door stations (audio or audio/video) to cover additional spaces like subterranean parking lots, recreation areas, and storage facilities. From two to thousands of handsets, multiple apartment intercom systems may accommodate any number of separate units. Each unit has the ability to accommodate many handsets, giving its residents more convenience by having numerous access points all over the apartment. If necessary, unit handsets can conduct outbound audio intercom calls to a central concierge or an after-hours security handset, as well as audio calls between handsets inside the same unit.
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